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MYSTICAL ALPACA, it is created as company, under S.R.l's modality, on February 20, 2002, after a familiar(family) meeting be carrying out, with the exclusive participation of 2 members of the family Flowers Hit.

The objetivode our company is the production, sales and exportation of crafts (souvenires) handmade, that is to say objects of natural products in: leather, ceramics, stones, textiles, silver, alpaca, flame, gourd, wood, cotton, pens(feathers), cosmetics on the basis of natural products (one of cat, bruise, slobber of snail) etc, etc besides you - Argentine mate.

Up to the date of September 14, 2006 our share capital dol promotes S/'s sum 650000 Suns (near 200000 $. USA) being the principal associates:
Flowers Naun Raul Shocks Flowers Freddy Shocks The legal representation of the company it(he,she) relapses on his(her,your) general Sr Flores manager Naun Raul, manager of the creation of this company.


The origin of MYSTICAL ALPACA S.R.L goes back a year 1975, in Huancayo's city, when Ms. Ana of Flowers decides to enter to the world of the Alpaca, after finishing with the production and sale of hats of corduroy (workshop that pertenecia to the family Flowers Ch.).
In June of the same year in a familiar(family) meeting the small enterprise is born " Creations Anita ", from this moment one starts producing and commercializing articles(garments,securities) of wool of alpaca, turning with to happen(pass) of the years in a company that sells wholesale, in different cities as Lima, cuzco, Ayacucho.

In June, 1980 a subsidiary is opened in the city of lime to give him(her) major fluency to the sales; in the course of this year it is contacted with exporting domestic enterprises initiating this way a new way not known till then by us.
In December, 1985, a shop is decided aperturar in the city of Lima, which gives an impulse for the retails and wholesale, hereby we start signing direct contracts for the exports of our products.

In the middle of 1986, it is decided to take a new name for the company and is like that since(as,like) there is born SIDRIKS S.R.L at the head(top) of Ms Ana Flores Ch.; who tackles a new course so much for the production, marketing and exportation of our products; the personnel qualifies in ADEX (exporters' association); in the national society of industries, and the chamber(camera) of trade of Lima.

From 1987, it(he,she) is started exporting to markets as the USA, Italy, Germany, France and Spain. Between the years of 1993-2002, major experience is obtained and SIDRIKS S.R.L grows, new markets are included as the Japan, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

It is so early in 2003, takes the form of desici ґ ALPACA MISTICA S.R.L, for the following reasons: development of sales in handmade crafts and a new orientation to marketing of ethnic designs from South America and north besides improving a new brend, that is the trademark for well give greater fluidity in exports and ramificar our business with Eastern Europe.


The main objective is to export ALPACA MISTICA exclusive products and natural top quality that satisfy the demanding competitive markets in the world, this offers the best of our indigenous handicraft, design с os ethnic and ecological.
Our prices are fixed and technically negotiable in a way that will be competitive in the global market.
The most important point in our company is compliance, so we put a lot of care into their desks, deadlines and dates set out in orders, so as not to lose credibility with our customers.

OBJ ALPACA MISTICA- has stores exhibitions and sales p ъ the public who are located in the cities of Huancayo center (1), Lima (10) in the district of Miraflores and Pueblo Libre, Cuzco (1) center in Kiev and Ukraine.

We pipes, drums, ashtrays, statues, purses, wallets, wallets, handbags, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, mirrors, rugs, rings, porta-inciencio, chandeliers, ethnic musical instruments, music indigena, mate, pumpkins, etc, etc.. Our products are made with natural materials ecological quality; Besides the T-shirts or polos с you, men and women of the line SIPAN ART, pima cotton

Orders and / or any information ґ business can do to travez of our foreign trade department at Av. Petit Thouars INKA PLAZA commercial center in Kiev and Ukraine: 0038-044-391-12-18, 592-00-18, Tf / fax. 0038-044-516-72-00, mobile 80674086870.
E.mail: alpacamistica@i.fm Visit our website: www.alpacamistica.moy.su

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